Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with Ford and Tesla charging stations for homes, and with that comes the need for reliable and convenient charging solutions. At Castro Electrical Services we understand the importance of electric vehicle chargers and are dedicated to providing high-quality installation services for our customers. Serving the Montgomery County, MD area, our local family-owned business has been providing electrical services in Gaithersburg, MD since 2011.

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What are the types of EV chargers?

The three most common types of EV chargers are:

Level 1 Charger: This is the slowest type of charger, providing a charging speed of approximately 4-5 miles of range per hour of charging. It requires a standard 120V AC outlet and can be easily installed at home.

Level 2 Charger: This charger provides a much faster charging speed than Level 1, providing approximately 10-60 miles of range per hour of charging. It requires a 240V AC outlet and is typically installed by a certified electrician.

DC Fast Charger: This type of charger provides the fastest charging speed and is commonly used in public charging stations. It provides up to 90 miles of range in 30 minutes of charging and requires a 480V DC power supply. The installation of a DC Fast Charger is typically more expensive than Level 1 and Level 2 chargers.

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What are the requirements for EV charger installation?

EV charger installation requirements vary depending on the type of charger being installed, the location, and the building codes in your area. However, there are some general requirements that should be considered.

The three most important requirements to consider are:

Electrical Capacity: Your electrical system must have enough capacity to accommodate the charging station, which can require 30-50 amps of power.

Location: The location of the charger is also essential, and it must be placed in a safe, dry location that is easily accessible. The location must also be suitable for the charger's electrical needs, including proximity to an electrical source and appropriate wiring.

Building Codes: Local building codes may dictate specific requirements for the installation of charging stations. It is essential to work with a certified electrician who is knowledgeable in these codes to ensure that the installation is compliant.

Installing EV Chargers Since 2011

At Castro Electrical Services, our team of experienced electricians provides various EV charger installation services for residential and commercial properties. We offer customized solutions tailored to each customer's needs, ensuring a seamless ev charger installation process.

Our EV charger installation process starts with an initial consultation to assess your property and determine the best location for the charger. It is also important to ensure your electrical panel can handle the electrical output of your ev charger. Our team will then provide an estimate and schedule a time for installation. During installation, we will ensure that the charger is properly connected to your electrical system and test it to ensure it is functioning correctly.

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Matthew TaglieriMatthew Taglieri

Have had Castro out several times for troubleshooting as well as general electrical work (including outdoor receptacle and fan installation). I have been totally blown away by everyone’s professionalism, personable affect, and attention to detail. Communication is great. Prices appear very reasonable. They were able to diagnose a tricky safety hazard and remedy the situation thoroughly. I cannot recommend them enough!

Specifically I want to say a special thanks to Peter for his diagnostic work and attention to detail. He is also incredibly kind and clearly loves his work and the people he helps. He’s very smart and I trust him fully

Anupam MalhotraAnupam Malhotra

It’s a pleasure to work with a service provider that knows how to get customer service right! Castro Electrical worked with me to get a critical electrical upgrade completed on a schedule that was important to me. Even if that meant inserting a job into an already full calendar, modifying the estimate and job specifications per my requirements, or having Peter and Carter (both managers) themselves come out and do the work. This team, together with their boss and owner Paul really differentiates themselves with their flexibility and customer focus while also being excellent electricians who know the job and how to do it with high quality!

Hasani IsrealHasani Isreal

Carter from Castro came out quickly to do an estimate and was very responsive throughout the process. He gave us different options for how to do the job, and did not push the more expensive one. Once the job was booked, they were able to complete it very quickly. The electricians were professional and courteous, and did a fantastic job. Will definitely use Castro again for future jobs.

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